Waterproof Laser House And Lawn Projector Lamp

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One of the best automatic outside wall decoration laser projector- out today. Enjoy this latest technology packet light which simply does the work equivalent to multiple equipment. Behind highly water proof and weather proof. Light does we’ll being left outside.

Illumination angle:180 (degrees)

Light distribution curve :Projection

Patterns: MulrltipLe patters as pictured.

Classification:Landscape Lighting

Light distribution method :Aotomatic Rotating Cassette

USB interface/adapter dual-use interface :110-220V


1.The light will be on and rotate automatically when it's powered on.

2.FLASH + / FLASH-: Adjust the speed of flashing in the flash mode. Switch the flashing mode to the clockwise rotating mode only after cutting down the power.

3.MOTOR + / MOTOR-: Control the speed of the rotating and flashing. Continuously press the MOTOR- to make the projection pattern static when the light is under the clockwise rotating mode.

4.1H / 2H / 3H / 4H / 5H / 6H: Set the working time.

5.Waterproof: The dust-proof light features IP65Q protective rate which is higher than the ordinary one and can be immersed in the water. Ideal for outdoors, such as your garden along with closed space.

6.Easy To Install: The light is compact, solid, weatherproof, impact resistant and completely free of maintenance. You can easily assemble the required accessories, including 180° up and down swivel supports and ground spikes.

7.Super Projection: 16 film patterns - clowns, peace doves, bright stars, maple leaves, birthdays, hearts, butterflies, clovers, Christmas, Halloween, smile, and beauty. The projector has a snowflake card. Different ways to bring you different feelings.

8.Occasions: Can be applied inside or outside your house:t Outside Walls, Patio, Garage, living room, bedroom, party, birthday, marriage proposal, wedding, anniversary, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, holiday decoration, and celebration. basically place and project wherever you’d like.

9.Effect: It's an effect projector that can be used on many festivals, so no need for you to spend extra money on other combination of lights which all come in this one kit.

Package Includes:

Includes 12 slides: 6 Christmas slides, 2 Halloween slides and 4 holiday slides.

- 1* light + 1* base +1* insert