Dead skin Foot Peel Gel - 2 (two)

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Stop worrying about expensive pedicures just to get nice feet. If your feet needs some TLC without the ‘grinding’ labor. Get these:(2) Two Exfoliating Foot Mask Socks For Pedicure- Socks For Feet Peeling- Skin Care & Dead Skin Removal. Comes in sealed sterile pouch, easily applies and works every time. 
1. wash and soak your feet with warm water, then dry your feet.
2. use the scissor to cut the seal of the foot mask package.
3. wearing the foot mask; we recommended to wear a pair of normal socks outside to assure sufficient contact with essence.
4.remove the foot mask after 35-95 mins, then clean your feet.
5. Most people start to peel off dead skin after 48-hours use, but due to different skin type, someone may needs to use 2-3 pairs, please use foot mask again 48 hours later.
6. do not use the mask if you have open cut or wounds.
7. we suggest you soak your feet with warm water 48 hours after use- as well.



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