Acne / Blackhead Removing Facial Pores Cleaning Kit

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Carefully designed with an Integrated body, ergonomic elegant design- giving comfortable grip; this Blackhead Facial cleansing Kit is all you need to keep that skin perfect. The kit comes with FIVE different sizes suction heads and four adjusting gears to meet different pressure and surface area needs. From delicate to strong these nossles are responsible for: toning, removing wrinkles, removing acne, removing blackheads and pimples. Its strong suction power helps to remove acne, blackhead and dead skin effectively from even the most delicate face. It has great effect on the skin: firming as well as lifting. Comes portable and rechargeable by USB - making it very convenient to carry and use.

Notice and Tips for Use: 

1. For first time use of this tool, please apply to your forearm or neck to test and adapt to the operation and suction. 

2. Please clean the nozzle before and after every use. 

3. It is recommended that you apply facial steamer or warm towel for 3~5 minutes to your skin (no more than 10 minutes), which helps to open the pores for easier removal of blackheads. 

4. Please DO NOT apply suction on one part of the skin for a long time, but move it around gently. This will prevent hurting or bruising your skin.

5. After the treatment, use the iced facial sheet mask or cold water to cool skin and close the pores. 

6. DO NOT use the tool too frequently, no more than twice a week (in extreme cases). Please stop using it if any adverse reactions occur.


This product as a beauty instrument, before use, it is recommended to apply a hot towel to your face or steamed face fumigation, or use blackhead derivation solution, and then use this product to achieve better results. Using this instrument alone may make it difficult for some intractable blackheads to be sucked out, and it may cause pores to become larger or damage the skin. Therefore, it is recommended to Have a clean washed ’steamed’ face from a hot towel or warm water to the skin- BEFORE TREATMENT; the effect is greater.


Type: Electric Beauty Apparatus
Material: Plastic
Color: White/Pink
Quantity: 1Pc
Item Size: 18 x 6 x 4cm/7.1 x 2.4 x 1.6inch
Net Weight: 170g/6.0oz

Package List:
1 x Electric Beauty Apparatus

5 x Probes

1 x USB Charge Cable

1 x Facial Cleansing Pad

1 x Pack of Isolation Pads

1 x Beautiful Case