Hologram Bicycle Wheel Light- Android phone

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Programable (using Android Mobile device/windows computer) Bicycle wheel light 256 RGB LED 

Load your own picture or logo or video clip to display on your wheels while you’re bike riding.

Display up to 150 pictures or play a 30 second video clip while riding your bicycle- support a cause; march or rally, promote or advertise groups, logos or personal pictures; simply with the use of your android mobile device or PC.

- store up to 150 pictures or 30sec video clip

- 16 million pixels

- battery last up to 16HRs

- double sided display with same brilliance

- application (26 inches diameter wheel / more than 505mm)

- IPX6 water proof (yes it can get wet) don’t submerge 

- Programable using Android phones or windows based computers.

- comes with complete installation kit and instructions