Female “Needle Eye” Rejuvenation Rinse

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 Tightens the walls of the Vagina using nature created salt minerals (potassium sulfate) a perfectly balanced Ph and lasts for a long time; having safe natural anti inflammatory properties. In this form it’s well used for Vaginal Rejuvenation and other skin tightening applications. 



The ‘Needle Eye Rejuvenator’ is very easy to use - yet works quickly as it comes in water soluble salt crystal (granulated) form- easily mixes and dissolves into warm water.

Each pack contains 28g (about 1 ounce) and can be used for up to ten applications - depending on how much used in each time.

How it works:

Applied to our skin- by dissolving this water soluble mineral in clean warm water. Use sponge or washcloth to soak, douse, saturate or rinse the Vagina 5 to 10 times: for 5 to 15 seconds each time.

This results in both short term (almost instantly) with lasting effects; and long term (with repeat regime) contraction hence ‘tightening’ of the walls. The long term / lasting effect causes the muscles within the vagina- to contract hence ‘exercising the muscle’ giving a mind blowing tight experience ‘everytime’ during intercourse; while being naturally safe for the body.

This same mineral also works safely as a styptic for minor cuts and skin abrasions also by reducing inflammation to tissue and blood vessels.


💝💝💝 WORKS 100% ALL THE TIME 😱😱😉!!



-small to medium (moderate use):mix 1/8 of the vial (water soluble) into one cup of warm water.

-medium to large: mix up to 1/4 of the packet with two to three cups of warm water.

-stir until dissolved

-Use sponge or washcloth to soak / rinse the area outer and inner walls of Vagina) thoroughly for at least three minutes.

Results will slightly vary depending on amount used and length of time for rinse- all VA JAY JAY’s get a tighter result.

- rinse with pure water then dry; when finished, give your partner a pleasant experience from the tight/grip feeling which lasts for hours and use over long periods of time creates an even longer duration for tension.


For adults only. 

 ‘Needle Eye’ should be stored sealed in room temperature - dry areas after opening.