Foot Peel Gel - 2 (one pair)

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Stop worrying about expensive pedicures to have nice feet. If your feet needs some TLC without the ‘grinding’ labor. Get these:(2) Two Exfoliating Foot Pedicure Socks; For Feet Peeling- Skin Care & Dead Skin Removal. Comes in a sealed sterile pouch, easily applies and works every time. 
1. wash and soak your feet with warm water, then dry your feet.
2. use a pair of scissors to cut the seal of the foot mask package.
3. wearing the foot mask; we recommended to wear a pair of normal socks outside to assure sufficient contact with essence.
4.remove the foot mask after 35-95 mins, then you do not have to rinse- you can massage the excess into the skin.
5. Most people start to peel off dead skin after 48-hours use, but due to different skin type, some extreme cases may need to use 2-3 pairs. If this is the case- please use foot mask again 48 hours later for second application then no sooner than 72 hours there after - for a third. 
6. do not use the mask if you have open cuts or wounds on your feet.
7. we suggest you soak your feet with warm water 48 hours after use- as well.