Anti-Sleep Alarm

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 For those who need to, or have trouble staying awake: At work, school or even at home or whilst driving on the highways. This ANTI SLEEP ALARM - is being used all over the world today by Freight Expediters / Drivers/ movers / Office Workers / Students and anyone who needs to stay awake.

The ANTI SLEEP ALARM; Is an easily worn earpiece that alarms when it senses the users ’Head’ Leaning 15 - 25 Degrees - giving a loud sound alert preventing you from falling asleep.

One of the leading causes of road accidents today; is sleeping and drowsiness at the wheel. THE FIRST AND BEST SOLUTION IS TO PULLOVER TO A SAFE AREA AND SLEEP !!

Material is ABS + rubber, weighs 23g with dimensions 8/ 5/ 1.5 cm; Comes in Black and is and easily stored.